Couples Coaching

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Couple’s Coaching

Maybe you’ve tried counseling before. Maybe you’ve tried to work things out but can’t move forward together. We can help. Our passion is empowering YOU to create the relationship you’ve always wanted—and the one you both deserve.

  • Are you bored with your spouse?
  • Do you feel like you and your partner are on different pages?
  • Do you struggle to communicate effectively?
  • Has your relationship suffered INFIDELITY?
  • Are you or your partner turning more to pornography instead of intimacy?
  • Are you struggling to find that close emotional connection?
  • Do you feel like you are stuck in an un-healthy habit cycle?
  • Do you feel you NEED an action plan to help you feel more connected?

If you answered yes to any of these questions than We Can Help and We Can Help NOW! 

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life coaching couples therapyWe help couples all over the world find happiness and love. One thing we have learned from our own lives and from working with others is that you must take action EVERY DAY and embrace new and healthy habits in your lives to create your happiness.

We empower our couple’s to use their conflict as a source of strength to grow in powerful ways. You will gain critical insights into each other and develop a deep understanding of your significant other. This helps you heal, move forward and create the relationship that you have been searching for.

We work with couple’s using an ACTION-ORIENTED approach to help them CREATE the relationship that they want.  We do this by creating a step-by-step plan for each couple using real-life tools and exercises that work on communication, trust, safety, connection and intimacy.

We Help Couple’s To:

  • Create a deeper AWARENESS and begin to be ACCOUNTABLE for the energy that we each bring to the relationship
  • Learn to communicate EFFECTIVELY
  • Connect deeper than you ever imagined with your partner
  • Create an action based plan with exercises and tools to move you closer together
  • Create emotional safety in your relationship which creates the path to true intimacy
  • Rebuild trust after infidelity or other sexual betrayal like compulsive porn
  • BREAK un healthy HABITS and create new, healthy and empowering habits in your relationship

Call now (916) 259-1232