5 Tips to Fixing Your Relationship for Couples Counseling


5 Tips to Fixing Your Relationship

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  • Understand and respect your partner’s point of view

  • Communicate what you want to get what you need

  • Be accountable for the negative patterns, habits, and energy YOU bring to the relationship

  • Emphasize the positive aspects of your relationship

  • Make time for each other

Many traditional models, like couples therapy, just don’t work for some people. Couples counseling didn’t work for us—at least not as well as it could have. There were a number of times when we were ready to pack it in. We tried everything, but so much of this work focused on the past, which just caused us more problems. We kept going over well- covered, painful ground. We never learned to move forward. We never had an action- oriented, results-driven plan that showed us a path to bring closeness back into our marriage. We had to find our way ourselves. The good news is that you don’t have to! You can follow our lead.

We help individuals and couples in 14 countries all over the world find happiness and love. One thing we have learned from our own lives and from working with others is that you must take action every day.

That’s what this short book is about: ACTION. It’s about actually doing something to improve your plight. In these pages we share dozens of powerful tips, teachings, and exercises that you can use right now to improve your marriage immediately.