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Experts in and Passionate About:

  • craig perra photoInternet Safety – Craig delivers a powerful and informative presentation on what parents need to know to protect their children onlineHe’s partnered with Enough is Enough, the nation’s top internet safety nonprofit in the country to educate parents regarding the Rules ‘N Tools® they need to raise responsible digital citizens. It’s action oriented and fact based . . . and passionate – his passion comes from his own personal struggle with pornography and in his current role as a certified professional life coach working with men, women and couples in 14 countries around the world. Craig receives approximately one call every three weeks from boys as young as 10 years old struggling with pornography. It was after one of these calls when he decided to start speaking about internet safety.His former role as an regulatory attorney for a multi-billion dollar company also allows him to speak with ease regarding the various policy, legal, and compliance matters surrounding blocking and filtering software, criminal implications, and international issues.
  • Inonamenternet pornography, infidelity, intimacy, sex and porn addiction and the impact on relationships – Craig and Michelle are excited to share how they survived and thrived from Craig’s infidelity with pornography and people to create a beautiful relationship filled with respect, trust, love, and emotional safety. After years of couples therapy where they rehashed the past over and over again – often making things worse, instead they obsessively focused on the present and future and built a powerful relationship. They now use their action oriented approach in their work with couples all over the world. After coaching at one of the top treatment centers in the world, they’ve branched out on their own and share their story to the world via a popular internet podcast called Sex Afflictions & Addictions.
  • Sex and Porn Addiction – Craig is a recognized expert on compulsive sexual behavior. He developed The Mindful Habit Method©, a revolutionary modality to attack compulsive behavior fast using the science of habit, mindfulness and action. He’s lectured at the annual conference for the Society for The Advancement of Sexual Health, coached men at one of the top treatment centers in the world, and works with clients worldwide.

Media Appearances

  • Michelle appeared on the Anderson Cooper Show with the former co-star of the hit show Lovelines, Dr. Simeone Bienne to discuss intimacy and share her story.

  • Craig and Michelle Perra Katie CouricCraig & Michelle recently appeared on The Katie Couric Show to discuss whether or not porn is an addiction and how they survived and thrived over Craig’s struggle with intimacy, connectedness, and love – much of it growing from his first exposure to pornography at 8 years old from an older neighborhood boy who used porn to lure him into a sexual relationship (taped 1/14).

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