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Dynamic Programs – Money Back Guaranty

While each program is customized to your needs we do have a number of highly successful programs that provide you with a path towards success. Each program has a money back guaranty and rates start as low as $99 per week.

Addictions and Habits

Are addictions, habits, or compulsions getting in the way of a great life? Our 12 week program is guaranteed to change your life. We’ve combined the science of habit, mindfulness, and powerful root cause techniques with action to create a program that will change your life. You will learn:

  • How to use the addiction/habit cycle to make positive choices
  • Identify and break free from the root causes of your compulsion
  • Real tools to empower you to take control
  • To use the “NOW” to stop repeating negative patterns and habits
  • Change your relationship with your triggers and use them to empower you
  • To create a powerful life plan to finally capture the life you want

Empowering Women

Coach Michelle has created dynamic programs that specifically target the primary areas often getting in the way of women’s success: self esteem, relationships.

Connecting Couples

We help couples all over the world heal and find love. We empower them to use their conflict as a source of strength to grow in powerful ways. You will gain critical insights into each other and develop a deep understanding of your significant other. This helps you heal and move forward. You will learn to:

  • Connect deeper then you ever imagined with your significant other
  • Perform exercises that will increase and maintain intimacy
  • Create an action based plan with exercises, readings, and tools
  • Create safety in your relationship
  • Create a new, deeper love despite lies and betrayal
  • Rebuild trust after infidelity or other sexual betrayal like compulsive porn

Personal Development

Coaching is a powerful tool for you to drive success in any area of your life. We’ve developed a number of powerful mind/body programs that can kick start your life and put you on a path to long term success.

*Ask us about our money back guaranty.