Women’s Empowerment

michelle perra life coachConnect with Your Inner Awesomeness

  • Have you reached a stage in your life where you feel stuck, lost and unsure of your path?
  • Have you forgotten about YOU and lived solely as a wife and mother?
  • Have you spent years helping others embrace their true potential?

Now it’s your turn and you know it. Welcome.

I’m Michelle Perra and my passion is helping women find their inner AWESOMENESS and achieve their goals . . . all while enjoying their journey! Life is too short to have it any other way.

I believe that right here and right now you have a gift – you have an opportunity to change your perspective with the negative parts of your life and and see them for what they truly are –  an INCREDIBLE time to re-discover yourself, redefine your goals, figure out who you are NOW and what you want to achieve in the future.

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It wasn’t until I took this same journey that I was able to find my true calling. I never dreamed I’d be coaching clients and inspiring women in 14 countries all over the world, that I’d be on Anderson Cooper with Love and Marriage Expert Simone Bien from Dr. Drew’s Lovelines or be featured in two other international publications for my struggles, how I saved my marriage and literally transformed my life.

You are an AMAZING individual, capable of AMAZING things! But your blocks, fears, and insecurities are stopping you from grabbing hold of all the amazingness that life has to offer!

I’ve created dynamic programs that specifically target the primary blocks often getting in the way of WOMEN’S success.  Here is what one client said about her experience in working with me. I’m so proud of her.

When separating from my husband after being in a long term marriage, I decided to seek the knowledge of Michelle Perra. As I read her profile I knew she had walked in my shoes. Her knowledge, wisdom and insight [] has given me the understanding to be compassionate, kind and to realize it was not about me.  Michelle has since been working with me to embrace the next chapter in my life. Her incredibly contagious, positive energy radiates pure kindness, love and compassion. Her strength with helping women to feel empowered has helped me gain new insight and self awareness. She is guiding me to create a vision for myself to have that happy, desirable life to express, know and become the women I want to be.

Truly grateful.

My programs and coaching will help you with:

  • self-esteem and confidence
  • relationships and intimacy
  • finding yourself outside of being a wife and mother
  • weight-loss and body image
  • setting healthy boundaries
  • finding a healthy balance within your life

I designed these programs to help you embrace your AMAZING Potential and create action happiness.  I do this by teaching ACTION-ORIENTED tools & techniques to help you:

  • Learn effective communication skills to help YOU get what YOU want
  • Identify what is blocking YOU from moving forward in YOUR life
  • Create an action-oriented plan to help YOU achieve YOUR goals
  • Set healthy boundaries that EMPOWER YOU
  • Identify YOUR passions in life and help YOU bring them into YOUR life
  • Learn MINDFULNESS techniques to help you live in the present
  • Learn how to prioritize and embrace YOU and YOUR needs

Change doesn’t happen unless we actively do something about it. We all have the POWER to create our own happiness and all it takes is a desire to change, learn, grow and succeed.